Mikey's African Safari

My friend Mikey is just a gem. We hit it off immediately since we’ve both had the rare pleasure of growing up as girls with the name Michael. That’ll bond ya! We first met at the Armadillo Christmas Bizarre 15 years ago…she bought a journal from us and then took off to Africa with her husband on a safari. A year or so later, she called me up to take me to lunch and show me this amazing book she had put together about her trip! Incredible! Mikey’s book has inspired so many people who fear putting paint and colored pencil to paper….and believe it or not, Mikey is not a professional artist. …fyi : she drew a lot of inspiration from a variety of books including The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn, The Creative License by Danny Gregory, and How to Draw Animals by Jack Hamm. Any of these books would make a great companion gift along with any of our journals.

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